Maciej Wyrzykowski

Maciej Wyrzykowski

Education and qualifications

A graduate of administrative, political and journalistic studies – master’s thesis in the field of criminal law. Holder of the Certificate of Professional Competences in road transport. He has been associated with road transport for several years, he has held various executive and management positions in companies in this industry. He also worked in the Bydgoszcz Road Transport Inspectorate inspector, reaching the position of the Head of the Inspection Department.


  • Administrative proceedings conducted against transport entrepreneurs, both by Polish and European inspection bodies.
  • Drivers’ working time.
  • Transport of hazardous materials.
  • Non-standard vehicles.
  • Transport law and CMR convention.

Awards, certificates and successes

Long-term road transport practice cooperating with consulting companies, carriers as well as shippers and forwarding companies. As the only one of our group, he was a professional driver and drove buses as well as 40-ton sets, popularly known as “TIRs”. A trainer who conducts a large number of trainings and courses, receives enthusiastic reviews for the information resources presented to their participants and knowledge transfer methodology. An academic lecturer in transport and logistics studies at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz. Probably as the first expert in the country, on the canvas of a complaint to the court prepared for the client, he led to a clear confirmation by the Provincial Administrative Court in Poznań, the inability to punish for exceeding the pressure of the multiple axis (reference number: II SA / Po 368/14).


A lover of cycling trips and water sports.


He is fluent in English