We provide professional and comprehensive legal services in the area of public procurement law.

Due to the significant increase in public expenditure, related primarily to the funds from the European Union, the public procurement market in Poland continues to grow. Many entrepreneurs wishing to make use of the possibility of applying for public contracts are eliminated from the proceedings due to the significant formalism. In turn, contracting party has a special responsibility for conducting the proceedings with due diligence, which often require a very careful analysis of the existing legislation and case laws.

Offer for contracting party

  • comprehensive assistance in the preparation of the procedure
  • correspondence with contractors at the stage of the proceedings and help in the evaluation and examination of tenders
  • representation before National Chamber of Appeal and courts
  • audit and enforcing of internal procedures

Offer for contractor

  • comprehensive analysis of the terms of the tender
  • assistance in preparation of the bid
  • analysis of the bids submitted by competitors
  • preparing appeals against the actions of the contracting party
  • representation before the National Chamber of Appeal and courts

Contracts financed from the European Union

  • preparation of procedures for the beneficiaries of the European Union funds
  • audit and enforcing of internal procedures
  • bringing claims against the decisions of imposing a financial correction
  • controlling agreements to comply with the public procurement law and principles of Community law


Iuridica conducts training on public procurement law targeted at the needs of entities involved in the public procurement process. The training program is always determined with the client after analysing their needs. The focus is on issues related to the practical application of the principles and rules of public procurement law. Each part of the training is illustrated with case studies (also in the form of a discussion on the problems presented by the participants) and numerous practical exercises illustrating the discussed issues. Formula course is based on solving case studies based on the results of the inspection of the President of the Public Procurement Office and the case law of the National Chamber of Appeal.

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Bartosz Majerski
Cracow University of Technology lecturer, author of numerous articles in the trade press.

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