At IURIDICA we provide our clients with professional advice in all fields of their business activity. Both entrepreneurs and partnerships as well as limited companies can rely on our services. We advise on transformations, mergers and acquisitions. Your success is our goal.

Our professional team of lawyers always support entrepreneurs with the optimal legal solutions. Our law firm specializes in:

  • advice regarding choice the adequate type of business and activity
  • providing start-ups with comprehensive services
  • preparing contracts, statutes and internal regulations for partnerships
  • representing entrepreneurs at all stages of legal proceedings (compensations, contractual penalties, contract’s executions)
  • conducting electronic writ of payment proceedings in order to expedite the end of litigation
  • effectively running the recoveries of debts
  • performing due diligence on investor’s request
  • drawing and stating opinions on sales of shares and investment agreements
  • advice on succession of enterprises

IURIDICA serves its services to over 200 companies including charitable foundations and associations.

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    The highest level of legal service for entrepreneurs is guaranteed by:
    Izabela Mrozek
    Izabela Mrozek
    Attorney at law, specialist in Business Law and New Technology Law.

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    Agata Majerska
    Agata Majerska
    Author of legal literature, an experienced specialist in commercial law.

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