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Iuridica Law Firm is one of the most respected law firms in Poland, providing comprehensive legal support to companies involved in the transport industry. Since 2008 Law Firm Iuridica committed to the process of revising laws relating to break bulk cargos, that finally was passed by Parliament and signed by the President in 2011. No advertising, but the recommendations and personal links remain steady business development for Iuridica, over 90% of our new Clients comes from our previous principals.

Comprehensive legal support – Transport Spedition Logistic

  • We advise on the selection of the optimal form of business – create new and transform existing entities
  • We provide legal support to obtain all necessary licenses and permits
  • Prepare and advise on road transport contracts, we provide ready-made drafts prepared based on the vast experience of our lawyers
  • We conduct audits of real estate for the logistics centers
  • We offer a comprehensive audit of the company for compliance with applicable regulations and minimize any risks

Court and mediation

  • We represent clients in pre-judicial proceedings, negotiation, mediation – every day we fight for our clients in court. We realise how valuable time is – that’s why we put most of our efforts to settle disputes efficiently without engaging in long and costly court proceedings
  • We represent companies in court disputes on the basis of the CMR Convention and polish transportation law, in terms of damage and theft of goods, as well as delays in delivery. We process our customers also in the field of labour law.

Compensation transport

  • We advise on the choice of appropriate insurance OCP, OCS and Cargo – hundreds of conducted litigation allows us to effectively advise on choosing the right insurance policy
  • We represent clients in proceedings before the winding-up insurers from the moment the damage occurs
  • We represent clients in litigation against the insurers for payment of compensation for damage or theft of goods

You have insurance or you just bought a policy? Most hauliers and forwards as well as cargo owners are aware of the risks associated with possible damage of goods. Unfortunately, a large part of its policy contains numerous exemptions from liability of the insurer to pay compensation, resulting in numerous complaints and lawsuits against insurers for compensation.

Recovery of the claim

  • We are engaged in recovery of claims in the transport of both the pre-trial stage, as well as judicial and enforcement
  • We carry out the procedure under the European order for payment procedure

We cooperate with many law firms from other European countries, we provide comprehensive legal services also outside of Poland.

Border Force – illegal immigrants, penalties for smuggling

Our law firm provides comprehensive services to companies in connection with the Border Force and Civil Penalty Unit on finding the sets of illegal immigrants. We prepare explaining letters and oppositions, as well as appeals in the most serious cases. Due to the difficult situation in Calais and Dunkirk we prepare for hauliers a special procedure to protect against illegal migrants. It is built based on the latest guidelines and recommendations of the Border Force. It is a bilingual document for the company and drivers. Iuridica performs customers through the process of accreditation Border Force.

Lawyers from Iuridica are known experts in the field of security companies against illegal immigration. Our lawyers were present at conferences organized by the magazine Transport Manage.

Lump sums for accommodation

With the recent resolutions of the Supreme Court a number of hauliers are being sued by drivers to pay a very high sums by way of unpaid lump sums for accommodation.

Law Firm Iuridica supports hauliers in such matters. Contrary to popular opinion – not every driver is entitled to receive the cost of business travel (reimbursement), and many companies have a chance to defend itself against a claim.

Lukasz Chwalczuk as an expert and President of the Polish Heavy Transport Association repeatedly took part in the work for the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure in the range of reimbursement for accommodation and each time expressed a negative opinion on the resolutions of the Supreme Court.

Hauliers, who received a demand for payment, a lawsuit from the driver or wish to consult in the field of reimbursement, you’ve come to specialists in their field.

Appeals from fines issued by ITD (Road Transport Inspection)

Even the most experienced transport companies are subject to administrative penalties imposed by the relevant state authorities (eg. Road Transport Inspection, the Chamber of Customs, Police, and even road managers). Law Firm Iuridica represent their principals in the appeal process, as well as the complaints procedure before the administrative courts. In many cases the penalty repeal or substantial reduction in the penalty imposed.

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    The highest quality of legal assistance related to transport law is provided by:
    Łukasz Chwalczuk
    Łukasz Chwalczuk
    Multiple speaker at TSL conferences. Industry expert, president of the Polish Heavy Transport Association.

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    Bartosz Majerski
    Bartosz Majerski
    Lecturer at the Cracow University of Technology, author of numerous articles in the trade press.

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